Boogizm, Telegraph / BERLIN

Being an enthusiastic club-dj since 1991, S-MAX knows the goodies and mixes the old with the new- detroit, chicago, electro, minimal and other aspects of afro-american dance-music come together to create an unique flow of hi-quality music without losing an eye on danceability and funk. in the nineties s-max was resident and founder of legendary "superbleep6000"-dj-team (together with losoul) and -clubnight in the "basement" in wiesbaden. guest-djs included: daniel bell, matthew herbert, dj traxx, ian pooley, terrence parker, johnny fiasco, boo williams, roman fluegel, ricardo villalobos, etc. for more than 16 years s-max played in clubs and parties throughout europe-i.e. in germany, norway, france, austria, netherlands, italy. he tries to keep things fresh and manages to avoid professional boredom. s-max is running the well respected boogizm label together with manutchehr "fym" ghassemlou since 2000. producing his very own style of dancemusic and releasing tracks on a whole lot of labels including 7th city, telegraph, karloff, semi-automatic, out to lunch, science city, temp etc. since 1997, s-max is famous for his original funk-meets-modern-sound-design style. he got worldwide props for his release "seismic stealth smurfz" on daniel bell's 7th city label in detroit, collaborated with jay haze, ark, mike shannon and remixed ectomorph back in 1997. he also produces music for short films, videos and theater.

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"bhavatu sabba mangelam" track (zehnkampf 003) 1997
Bleep EP (10") (Defect Records) 1998
Pure Science Of Mind And Matter EP (12") (below) 1999
Funkatizing Galaxies E.P. (12", EP) (boogizm) 2001
Nuke That Level E.P. (12", EP) (boogizm) 2001
Streetlevel Surrealizm E.P. (12", EP) (boogizm) 2001
Bingo Bubble Burner E.P. (12", EP) (boogizm) 2002
Chocolate Poodle EP (12") (overxposure) 2002 Seismic-Stealth-Smurfz (12") (7th City) 2002
Walk The Bridge To Cosmic Age EP (12", EP) (boogizm) 2002
I Love My Camouflaged Consumerizm EP 12" (boogizm) 2004
Resistance Is Futile EP (12") (overxposure) 2004
Limited Remixes (12") (overdrive) 2005
Make Somebody Happy EP (12") (telegraph) 2005
Wake Up To Ape-Like Perfection E.P. (Vinyl, EP) (boogizm) 2005
Get On / Off Crazy E.P. (12", EP) (boogizm) 2006
free your monkeymind E.P. (12", EP) (boogizm) 2006
lovebombing E.P. ( 12") (karloff) 2007
das neue dasein E.P. (12", EP) (boogizm) 2008
Cosmo Anarchy 1 + 2 (12") (telegraph) 2009


Fast Food Remixes (12") Fast Food (S-Max Mix) (braintist Records 1999
Fast Food Remixes (12") Fast Food (S-Max Mix) (schnittstelle 1999
Empty Beach (12") Empty Beach (Sikkimese leeches remix) (Hey Babe! 2001
Life In A Tube (Original and Remixes) (12") Antibomb Acid (Remix) ( Overxposure 2003
Gemstone Index EP (12", EP) Palm Trunc Stalagmites (s-max RMX) (Boogizm 2005
What About Tech Now? (CD) Palm Trunc Stalagmites (s-max RMX) (Toys For Boys Records 2005
God's Will Phone Center (12") God's Will Phone Center (Boogizm 2006
Wunschtraum Nr. 1 (12") Martin, Catarina & Luis (Temp Records 2006

Tracks appear on:

The Airbag Craftworks Compilation - Record 02 (12") Blissful Data Exchange (Out To Lunch)
Variations (2xLP) Untitled (ectomorph remixed) (Science City) 1998
The Airbag Craftworks Compilation (CD) Blissful Data Exchange (Out To Lunch) 1999
Lamonde At The Wheels Of Steel (CD) Dictasodium Benzoate (Tronic Soundz) 2002
Shaolin Toothpaste EP (12", EP) Individual Free Will, shaolin oink oink (Boogizm) 2002
When We Were Things (12") sit calmly, my beautiful friend (Semi-Automatic) 2002
Fabric 17 - Akufen (CD) Red Fibreglass (Fabric London) 2004
Acid 2005: The Finest Acid Tunes (CD) Mental Turbulence Diagram (ReWire) 2005
FAMILIESdownload # 5 - John Tejada (File, MP3) Buddhanath Mindful Dub (FAMILIES) 2005