Trust / VIENNA

Wireheads (Trust) 2003
Black Stripe Pomelo 2004
Sexy Lady EP indigo:inc 2004
Staub (Trust) 2004
Heliosphere (Trust) 2005
Microkosmos (Trust) 2006
Microkosmos (Trust) 2006
Microkosmos Remixed (Trust) 2007
Binary Systems (Trust) 2009

DJ K-1 - Machine Soul EP (Puzzlebox) 2004
Christopher Just - B.O.B (Pomelo) 2005
Eigner* - Go / Stalking Remixes (Universal) 2006
Langoth - Grounding / Gummophon (Sunshine) 2006
Supermax - Remaxed (Universal) 2007

Skillfully combining the old with new, Microthol might be the hottest act to emerge from Vienna's Electro underground within recent years. Philipp "Soulglo" Haffner and Constantin Zeileissen stepped into the limelight in 2003 with their debut collaboration with DJ Glow, followed by releases for Pomelo, Indigo:inc and TRUST, their recent full length album 'Microkosmos' and a wealth of remixes for Keith Tucker, Christopher Just, Christian Eigner or austrian disco legend Supermax. Microthol's production abilities stretch far beyond the confines of traditional Electro, using a wealth of musical influences to create their thick anologue sound of vintage synthesizers and abundant musicality. their live acts regularly energize the viennese party crowd and as djs they're a force to reckon with, be it as the Microthol DJs or separately, DJ Soulglo and Constantin Zeileissen know their business.

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