Pomelo / VIENNA, BCN

Starting to DJ in the early 90ies, Daniel Lodig soon became one of the driving forces of Vienna's emerging techno-scene, making a name for himself thanks to his exceptional DJ skills.
Throughout his career, Daniel Lodig released records for New York's Tension Records, Munich's Kurbel label and of course on his very own Pomelo imprint, which has been going strong for more than 17 years now.
He has collaborated with the likes of Alex Cortex, DJ Glow, and Richard Bartz, among others. He played dj sets all over the world, including Tokyo, Mexico, Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhague, Zurich and many more. Dan Lodig is renown for combining different styles - techno, house, electro, dubstep- to a homogeneous journey through sound.

Che Si (Tension Records) 1995
M.Dust (Sabotage) 1996
Wien Mitte (Flagolet) 1996
Santora EP (Kurbel) 1998
Connect (Mueller) 1999
The Split (Pomelo) 2008

as Lok44:
Ghetto Of The Mind (Trust) 2003
Derailed (Trust) 2004

Sultans Of Swing - nightmare mix (Top10) 2005