DJ Glow started to organise his first parties in a small location called Funclub in Vienna back in 1992, where he met his future partners in crime DJ Pure, Dan Lodig and LX. Together they hooked up some of Vienna s biggest and best parties to this date. In 1994 Glow joined the DJ Team of Vienna s legendary Space Jungle club. His first label Red Tide, dedicated to the rougher edge of techno was a big success among the international hardcore scene. In 1998, after some time off he founded Trust, an outlet for innovative electro. The label has experienced a continuous growth since then, caught the attention of much respected international artists as Clatterbox and Urban Tribe who were more than welcome to join Trust s artist roster. DJ Glow's current release on Trust is a collaboration with Patrick Pulsinger entitled Radio Earth.
His DJ sets are both eclectic and energetic, incorporating Chicago jacks, electro, acid and modern techno into a dirty funk mixture.

::listen: dj-set1 (2007)
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Super Earth Invasion (Trust) 1998
Wireheads (Trust) 2003
Wise To The System (Trust) 2005
Radio Earth (Trust) 2007

Muros Transparentes (Pomelo) 1999
Bunny Lake - Disco Demons (Klein) 2006
Microthol - Microkosmos Remixed (Trust) 2007

as JvN Machie:
EP (Trust) 2002