Z-Bop, Cheap / UK

Clatterbox (Clear) 1995
Clatterbeats Vol. 1 (Clear) 1996
Clatterbeats Vol. 2 (Clear) 1996
Eazy Does It (Clear) 1996
Spatz (Clear) 1996
Project Unison (Neo Ouija) 2000
Solar Phase EP (Z-bop) 2004
Control Freak EP (Touchin' Bass) 2006
Storm Drain (Trust) 2007
Destination London (Cheap) 2007

Friend & Doktor Kosmos - Single Of The Week (Dot) 1997
DJ Vadim - U.S.S.R. Reconstruction (Theories Explained) (Ninja Tunes) 1998

During the mid-nineties, David Kempston (aka Clatterbox) secured himself a considerable following while recording releases for the seminal UK label Clear. In years to come his debut double mini-LP would become a collectors piece - widely regarded as a classic. David went on to produce music in a diversity of styles, under various guises including the solid house sounds of Cartel Productions (Ideal / Reel Discs), the malignant breaks of Darkmode (En:vision Recordings) and a collaboration album project with Metamatics (Lee Norris) on label Neoouija. Over the years the Clatterbox sound has changed into a frightening array of hard, angular computer funk the likes of which you will not have heard before. In 2003 David set up his own record label called Z-BOP, with friend Steve Horne aka The Horn (Universal Language). Co-running the label with a family of artists who all hail from the South West of England. 2007 saw Clatterbox release an ep on Andrea Parkers legendary label TOUCHIN BASS called the Contol Freak ep. Followed shortly after by a release on the ultra cool Vienna based label TRUST, entitled the Storm Drain ep. Clatterbox is also responsable for the first release on the relaunched Austrian cult label CHEAP, entitled Destination London. Coming soon a new Clatterbox ep on Z-BOP and other CLASSIFIED projects. Clatterbox music makes no attempts at filling any pigeonholes, the music is what it is and is left to speak for itself.

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