Metroplex / DETROIT

-Keeping it in the family-, is a just an understatement, as Aaron Atkins has been instrumental figure in the Techno scene since the early age of 8. As the nephew of -The Godfather-, music runs deep within his bloodline serving as the resident DJ for Metroplex records. Under the tutelage of Uncle Juan, Aaron was introduced to the wheels of steel, by compiling his first mix with Clear by Cybotron, and Mike Banks Illuminator. In addition to performing at EVERY Detroit Electronic Music Festival [DEMF] since its conception in 2000, the Cork Town Music Festival as well as, various night clubs all in Detroit, at 21 years of age Atkins is well on his way to keeping the family name ongoing for decades to come.
Atkins states -I want to keep my uncles legacy and record label Metroplex on the charts with new and innovative music, while following in his footsteps with presenting my music to the world.- This protege is in the process of doing just that, as we should look forward to his EP release featuring DJ Stingray 313 [also scheduled to perform during Metroplex 25 yr Anniversary Party] and AST who is part of Urban Tribe - coming soon, stay tuned!

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above image courtesy of Fuzzytek Photography